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Lone Wolf Farms has evolved over the years. We can trace the Bjorneby family farming back to our relatives coming over from Norway back in 1850. O.C. Bjorneby started our Minto farm in 1938 when he left his family farm in the Hoople, ND area.He purchased an existing farm in Walsh Centre Township, and started adding buildings on that original site. Today Chris Bjorneby lives with his family on the same farmyard.

In the 1960's and 70's Dean and Jack Bjorneby farmed in partnership with O.C., and gradually built up the Minto and Voss acreage. They also farmed in Ops Township, which is still being farmed today.

In the 80's and 90's, Keith farmed with Dean as DKB Farms. During this time, Jack retired and DKB Farms purchased Jacks interest in the farm.

Starting in 2000, Chris and Josh Bjorneby joined the operation, and the name was changed to Lone Wolf Farms. At the present time Dean, Keith, Chris, and Josh farm together in a partnership. We hope that this business will transfer onto the next generation of Bjorneby's.

The farming business has been good to our family for many years. We hope that our farming tradition will last for many generations to come.

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