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Customer Survey

We are constantly looking for ways to improve.  Please let us know by filling out our short survey.

#1: How would you rate our customer service as far as courtesy of staff, returned calls and billing?
  Excellent   Average   Needs Improvement

#2: How does the product arrive at its final destination?  Is the load stacked properly?  Bags torn? Etc.
  Excellent Condition   Average Condition   Needs Improvement

#3: How would you rate our potato quality compared to the competition?
  Above Average   Average Condition   Poor Quality

#4: How would you rate the quality of our packaging as far as durability, color design etc?
  Excellent   Average   Needs Improvement
Comments: If we need to improve let us know we need to work on. Your input is greatly appreciated.


Lone Wolf Farms (c) 2010
99 Ordway Ave.
PO Box 317
Minto, ND 58261
Tel: 1 701 248 3482
Fax: 1 701 248 3508
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